Providing a critical link between manufacturers of medicines and the patients who need them.

As a leader in Named Patient Medicines, PTSI supplies U.S. pharmaceuticals to countries where the medicines would not otherwise be available, giving health professionals and their patients additional options for healing and wellness.

The impact is far-reaching, not only for the patients we serve but also for the manufacturers of the medicines we supply.

  • For the manufacturer, our program primes new markets, creating sales and demand without the usual marketing costs, and it helps manufacturers gain the clinical experience and support of international Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs).
  • For the importing facility, our program creates an individual profile to meet the specific needs of each customer's import process for prompt delivery of medicines to the patient.

Such a mutually beneficial program demands careful management and meticulous compliance with the regulatory requirements of every country in which we operate. It requires expertise in pharmaceutical export, distribution, security, regulatory oversight, and transparency.

For more than 13 years, PTSI has successfully balanced the needs of doctors, patients, and manufacturers to serve the interests of health care around the world.